Have You Ever Seen Richard Feynman Drumming?

cosmic_dawnI love these two short beautiful videos, done by John Boswell of Colorpulse. I’ve been watching them over and over. They are hymns to the Universe and love songs to science and spirituality. They express the deepest common insight of science and religion: “We are all connected.”

Have you ever seen Richard Feynman drumming? Or giggling? Or listened to Carl Sagan singing whale songs? That’s the state-of-playful-mind it helps to attain in order to get the most from these videos. Don’t judge them too quickly. So what if they’re sentimental? Can you imagine sentimental¬†and profound?

It may turn out that to see clearly, we have to see through tears.

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2 Responses to “Have You Ever Seen Richard Feynman Drumming?”
  1. Jeff Pelline says:

    This is great. Thanks. I love Richard Feynman. My college roommate, when I was a freshman at Cal, made me read his famous “lectures on physics.” I did, and between my roommate and my dad, took engineering calculus, advanced statistics and chemistry. It helped make me more well rounded as a student, though it was a bid rough on the GPA.


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