Grass Valley Skyline if Idaho-Maryland Reopens

IMM_Smokin_thumbnailThe following is an accurate photographic projection, a photograph edited to reflect the likely appearance of the Grass Valley skyline if the Idaho-Maryland Mine were to reopen and go into full operation.

It was done by researchers for the local group, “Citizens Looking at the Impact of Mining” (CLAIM-GV), in consultation with officials in Grass Valley government, taking careful consideration of issues such as water content of the smoke and steam, typical wind direction and other elements of the local microclimate.

Despite — or more likely because of — the care taken to make it as accurate a projection as possible, this image, mounted on a poster and displayed for the past several months at the weekly Nevada City Grower’s Market, caused quite a stir, no doubt because it came as a shock to many citizens who had not realized the significant impact the mine would have on the local environment.

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