Library Outsourcing FAQ

full_disclosureThanks to Jeff Pelline today for reporting on Nevada County’s plan to post an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document online to address public questions about the RFP for outsourcing library management (sometimes AKA “privatization”).

The FAQ itself includes an email address which can be used to send questions to be included (and presumably answered) in this FAQ:

I sent the following email to that email address this evening:

Dear Rick Haffey:

Please include the following questions (and your answers) in your Library FAQ:

(1) Since Section 5.6.6 of Nevada County’s RFP for Library Services states that ”Contractor will provide the County with annual audited financial statements of the Company to demonstrate fiscal soundness,” and Library Systems and Services (LSSI) is a private company which is known to be unwilling to reveal its internal financial condition, may we assume that LSSI will be excluded from the bidding, or that its bids will be rejected if they do not meet the requirement specified in Section 5.6.6?

(2) Where (and how soon after being submitted) will the responses to the Library RFP be posted?


Don Pelton
Editor, “Sierra Voices” (

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