Climate Simulation Expert Finds Hope in His Model

hopeDrew Jones of the Sustainability Institute, using a simulation technique developed at MIT, finds hope in his modeling result, and says “the world is waking up in great ways.”

Jennifer Leonard introduces him this way:

Like an Energizer Bunny at a half-time show (or Tony Robbins, at one of his weekend intensives), Jones struts the stage and works up the crowd at TEDxAsheville with reminders of the progress in our midst, like bilateral negotiations (”We’re talking to each other!”), and urges his listeners to “let the doom and gloom stories fade from your mind.” With steel-clad certainty, he affirms, “We get to invest in the possibility that human society does all it can to address climate change. We can do it!”

Although he backs up his fervor with an impressive real-time simulation of future scenarios based on solid science, using C-ROADS (available at Climate Interactive), Jones insists that this, ultimately, isn’t about the model: “This is about the world waking up in great ways.”

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