GRITtv: Do Democratic Media Threaten Corporate Media?

grittvHere’s a rich source of new democratic media: GRITtv.

In this interesting episode of GRITtv (see new widget in sidebar to the right), Laura Flanders talks to Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald about the conflict that should exist — in our system of government — between all media and establishment power, and the conflict that does exist between the new democratic (online) journalism and the old establishment (corporate) journalism.

Other content in this episode of GRITtv includes a discussion of the struggle over the public option in the current health care debate, and an examination of “non-violent radical environmentalism” (including opposition to the crime of mountain-top removal: Flanders interviews Earth First cofounder Mike Roselle and environmental journalist Josh Mahan, coauthors of Tree Spiker).

GRITtv is reminiscent of Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now.

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