Conservatives Cheer At Chicago’s Loss of 2016 Olympic Bid

vultures TPM Livewire reports:

“Chicago and Tokyo eliminated. No Obamalypics,” Michelle Malkin tweeted, following up with, “Game over on Obamalympics. Next up, Obamacare.”

“Please, please let me break this news to you. It’s so sweet,” said Glenn Beck on his radio show.

See full story here.

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One Response to “Conservatives Cheer At Chicago’s Loss of 2016 Olympic Bid”
  1. Rio getting the Olympics is merely a world wide extension of the process that got Obama elected in the first place, It’s time for the EuroCentric nations to share everything, and it is happening. Polkas vs Sambas, which would you rather watch? Uptight white dominated non parties are no fun. The whole world just wants to have fun!

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