“I’m Not a Member of Any Organized Party — I’m a Democrat”

NC_Democratic_PicnicWe set off yesterday afternoon to find out if there was any truth to Will Rogers’ old quip. We attended our first Nevada County Democrats’ Annual Picnic at Condon Park. We made a couple of new friends, which was — truth be known — our real motive for going.

The lunch was excellent (barbecued TriTip, barbecued chicken, potato salad, etc, and terrific desserts … thus making the weekend complete for us, since we’d had TriTip and chicken the night before at the Sierra Star Vineyard).

But, like they say, there’s no free lunch, and so part of the price of admission (more than compensated for by the several new friends we made) was the polite attention we gave to several speeches, two of which I have embedded below. Sorry for the jerky quality (I forgot my tripod … thus proving, I suppose, Will Rogers’ point).

Chris Parker, a tax attorney, is a candidate for State Board of Equalization, and Dave Jones is a candidate for State Insurance Commissioner, good men both.

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